Falamank comes from the word “Flam ant”. Flamants were the first people to cut diamonds from the rough hundreds of years ago.

As its name reflects, Falamank designs carry an array of heritage and essence through its traditional jewelry and further influenses of current models and infusing an oriental tone to its modern client of the present.

The Antique: All the jewelry pieces collected are genuine antiques, some dating more than a hundred years old.

The vintage: A collection designed by Tarfa Itani using only precious stones and metals inspired by true vintage jewelry.

The Modern: The distinctive”haut de gamme” designs are created for the woman that dares to stand out from the crowd.

The Designer

Tarfa Itani left her job as a graphic designer to persue her dream as an Antique jewelry

collector and a jewelry

designer, after completing her GIA jewelry degree she

started her own brand:Falamank. It all began by collecting Antique jewelry

pieces and selling them to different parts of the


leading Tarfa’s to the create her inspired Vintage collection and her latest Modern

collection one followed soon after that. Today her

creations are sought after from different women

all around the world.