Our Designers


Dori Mouzannar is a 6th generation brand that extended from the renowned Aziz & Walid Mouzannar brand. Dori Mouzannar designs introduce modernity to traditional jewelry, creating a timeless and unique character within each individual piece. Keeping in line with his ancestor’s heritage Dori puts his heart into his work with a daring style oriented towards seduction.

Bio about Dori
Dori Mouzannar Joined the family business Aziz & Walid Mouzannar (AWM) in 1991 after receiving his degree in economics in London and continuing with a specialization in gemology. His artistic vision and sense of perfection led him to put together a skilled team of workers and renewed the company workshops. Which he now manages and runs with passion and cutting edge vision.


Alia Mouzannar is also carrying on the family business as a 6th generation jeweler and designer Alia Mouzannar designs and pieces are characterized by an exceptional sense of proportion, harmony, poetry, humour and free spirit. Emotional value combined with luxury and glamour is inherent to Alia’s unique jewelry.

Bio about Alia
Alia Mouzannar studied architecture before embracing jewelry design in 2003. In addition to her rigorous training, she has a wide visual culture and a passion for contemporary art which inspires her creations