Qirdala Jewelry Boutique

qir.da.la (n): The ancient Nagdi term for an intricate, robust gold necklace

Derived from our region’s culture and traditions, for centuries the Qirdala evoked pride and distinction among the privileged and elite. Today, at “Qirdala”, we seek to provide that same level of indulgence to the modern day distinguishing client.

Qirdala is a unique jewelry store that differentiates its collection by boldness and design, rather than gaudiness and extravagance. In the word of Leonardo Da Vinci, we believe that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” In a society which often associates luxury with excess, Qirdala aims to make your everyday routine luxurious, not for status, but for self-fulfillment.

At Qirdala, we consider luxury as being defined by standing out, not fitting in. In doing so, we strive to seek out talented designers who share our vision of what defines luxury in today’s world.